Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is a blog I posted back in the summer of 2007 From DKTAMOM which is my screen name on the CW site. First off, I would like to say that this homage to Supernatural is being written by a former die hard CSI fan. An awesome event took place a few months ago when CSI was not on that particular night. My teenagers have been bugging me for a while to sit and watch their favorite show Supernatural. I figured well why not. We all sat down and watched the episode and I was totally blown away by the show. I was so impressed that a first rate show like this could be on in the absolute worst spot in a TV schedule. Why would the CW hide such a gem of a television show? Supernatural is top drawer all the way!! The show has everything! Not only does the show have good looking, talented actors it has some of the best writing and directing that I have seen on a TV show. Supernatural is a smart, entertaining, action packed thrill ride. I liked it so much that I have since purchased season one on DVD and season 2 on ITUNES (obviously the smart folks at Apple know a good show when they see one) I particularly like the camaraderie of the 2 stars of the show. You just can’t fake chemistry like that! The show also has some of the funniest scenes that I have seen on a show in a long time.The production crew that adds the classic rock tunes to the show really does a great job of pulling it all together! Now, doesn’t it make you wonder that if this show could turn a dedicated CSI fan like me then how many others would turn once they saw what a quality show this is . The show is by far the only first rate show I have seen on the second rate network called the CW.I just can't believe that the network doesn't even promote this fantastic show yet shows countless spots for some incredibly new lame shows like Reaper or Gossip Girl! When season 3 starts in September I will be right there with the kids anxiously awaiting the further exploits of Sam and Dean. Maybe some of the execs at the CW should tune in as well so they could see for themselves what a gold mine of a show they have and not bury it on Thursday nights against 2 of the top rated shows on TV! LOL it is funny to look back at the first thing I ever posted on any web site!lol You will notice it refers to the upcoming season 3 because season 3 had not started yet!

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