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Sammy definitely looks conflicted in this pic!

I for one am really looking forward to Cas trying to pull it off as an FBI agent!! This should provide some comic genius moments for Misha and Jensen! lol

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A beautiful tribute to the American Mustang by my pal Andi! If this doesn't touch your heart nothing will!

An absolutley beautiful tribute to the Mustang by my friend Andi!! This really touched me Andi!:)

Mustang Days
Andrea C. Crimmins ©2003

Born in the wilds of northern Wyoming
On wobbly legs he takes his first stand
Fuzzy and whiskered, the color of copper
He studies the world from the side of his dam

He doesn’t know that the prairie is changing
Just lies in the grass and the warmth of the sun
Each sunrise finds him a little bit stronger
Soon he’ll be ready to stretch out and run

Swiftly, the days are passing
Quickly the seasons fly
The life he knows won’t be lasting
And the winds of the prairie will cry
For the mustang days…
For the mustang days…
For the mustang days…gone by

Slowly but surely the ponies are finding
A little less prairie, a little more man
Fences and highways will one day surround them
But they’ll keep their freedom as long as they can

Swiftly, the days are passing
Quickly the seasons fly
The life he knows won’t be lasting
And the winds of the prairie will cry
For the mustang days…
For the mustang days…
For the mustang days…gone by

Just like the bison before them
The mustangs will all go away
Till all that remains is the echoing sound
Of the hoofbeats of yesterday

Swiftly, the days are passing
Quickly the seasons fly
The life he knows won’t be lasting
And the winds of the prairie will cry
For the mustang days…
For the mustang days…
For the mustang days…gone by
God bless you.


The way it should be! Wild and Free

The all too sad way that it is heading! to annihilation and oblivion

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Foals in great danger with the BLM's ruthless roundup



The DC District Court Judge denied our request for a Temporary Restraining Order. We are not giving up on these horses though-- KEEP CALLING YOUR SENATORS and CONGRESS PEOPLE, All MEDIA OUTLETS and tell your friends-- this is another treasure being destroyed if we can't stop this unneccessary, callous and massive roundup.

We will do our best to keep you updated- the round up is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 3 and over the next few days or week the BLM plans to remove over 70 horses-- from older mares and stallions to young foals. Don't give up.
Who Has Been Hired to Round Up Cloud's Herd?
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 14:28

Dave Cattoor is a contractor hired by the BLM to perform wild horse round-ups. He and his wife and son run a business largely funded by the American taxpayer to harass and remove wild horses and burros. He was indicted by a federal grand jury and pled guilty to illegally hunting wild horses, aiding and abetting in 1992. He rounded up protected American mustangs, corralled into pens, loaded them into trucks, and hauled them to a slaughter house in Texas where they lost their lives. It was government theft and animal abuse. Among wild horse and burro advocates, he has a reputation of being cruel and inhumane. Photographs of newborn foals run to exhaustion, found hog tied on the range, horses and burros bleeding from their nostrils, broken legs and injured during exhausting gallops to captured pens are displayed on many wild horse and burro web sites.

He is currently being investigated by the Department of Interior Inspector General for procurement fraud. It is known from federal contracting web sites that he has earned 13 million dollars since 2000 for which records are available. It is believed he has earned more than 21 million dollars since his conviction. Both he and his wife spoke separately before the Wild Horse and Advisory Board in 2009 and advocated for the continued use of helicopter round ups in an attempt to influence the boards recommendation to continue their lucrative contracting business. Federal law prohibits the use of contractors that have been convicted of a crime. Generally, a indictment would eliminate a contractor from consideration. However, Mr. Cattoor has been rewarded and made a millionaire many times over by the BLM despite the public outrage.

Fully knowing the public’s concern about Mr. Dave Cattoor ‘s inhumane practices, the BLM Billings, Montana office have denied humane groups request to placed humane observers on the ground with full access during the Pryor round to ensure animals are treated humanely. Wild horses advocates have advised the BLM Billlings office as well as BLM officials in Washington DC that foals only day old and heavily pregnant mares are among those the contractor plans to run long distances for captured.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



BILLINGS, MONTANA- AUGUST 31, 2009: The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses, perhaps best known from the popular Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies PBS Nature series, have two more days of freedom before an unprecedented round up could begin. The Pryors roundup has been delayed for two days to allow Judge Sullivan of the Federal District Court to hear the case brought against the BLM by The Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue.

The Bureau of Land Management, responsible for managing wild horses on public lands in the United States, plans to round up all the horses in Montana’s only remaining wild herd and remove 70 horses plus four or more foals. This will leave a non-viable herd of only 120 horses according to respected equine geneticist, Gus Cothran, Ph.D., of Texas A&M University. The Pryor Mountain wild horses are a unique Spanish herd renowned for their primitive markings, historical connections, and spectacular habitat.

BLM is dispatching National Wild Horse and Burro Program staff for this round up, perhaps because they expect trouble from humane advocates who are currently being prevented from observing this roundup. “Never before in my experience have plans been so vague and operations so secret in the Pryors,” says Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation.” The BLM will be closing down roads to the mountain top where the majority of the herd spends their days grazing peacefully in their subalpine meadows. Young foals, only days old will be driven by helicopters and are in serious danger of being hurt or killed. Billings BLM Field Manager Jim Sparks told one advocate that they would expect a loss of 2% or six horses as a result of this operation.

The BLM has always had signs posted at the entrances to the horse range that tell the public to ‘report violations of harassment, death or removals.’ “Why are they above the law?” Asks Crow Tribe Historian and Elder, Howard Boggess. “Everything that is against the law for me they are planning to do to these horses. This is a very sad thing as far as I’m concerned. The horses have lived here for over 200 years. Even under the harassment of the BLM they’ve survived since 1971.”

The BLM claims that it is necessary to remove 70 horses in order to “maintain a thriving ecological balance.” However, the range is still green in late August following three years of above average precipitation after a multi-year drought. The horses are fat, preparing to go into winter. “Why are they removing nearly half the horses after the drought is over? I’ve told them [the BLM] if you take these 70 horses you’ve destroyed the bloodline, the gene pool will no longer be there,” continues Boggess. “Their whole goal is to get rid of the horses.”

“What they are proposing to do is criminal— people locally and all across the Nation worked so hard to save these horses from eradication in 1968,” explains Kathrens. “This range was specially designated for wild horses, the first of its kind in the nation. This is their refuge and it is about to be invaded.”

The BLM plans to remove 17 horses over ten years old and by BLM’s Standard Operating Procedures, “old, sick or lame horses shall be destroyed.” “When they take out the old horses they remove the ones that know the way to the water, the good grass, the way around the canyon - they’re taking out all of the knowledge of the herd,” Boggess explains. “It is really sad to sit there and look at the horses and think that in the next ten days they’ll be taken off this range and they’ll never see it again.”

This case is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, September 2nd, and thousands of people around the United States and the world await the decision of Judge Sullivan which will decide the fate of the unique and beloved Pryor Wild Horse Herd.
save the mustangs


Please help get this video in front of the US Senate as they vote on the ROAM Act this week. Forward to as many people possible.



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"SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION" was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses and Burros in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the "Excess."

Wild Mustangs and burros have roamed free across the nation for hundreds of years until it was dictated by law that these beautiful and majestice animals that symbolize our American freedom be protected against people trying to harm them and subjecting them to inhumane treatment.

Over the course of time these wild horses and burros have become restricted by law supposedly to preserve the country side and so they have been place on assigned acreage by the Government. Due to many circumstances a lot of which are man made constraints the land is no longer able to sustain the volume of horses and burros that it once was able to.

Approximately 34,000 horses and burros are still roaming free on public land with a number of them approx.5600 still to be removed to meet the government mandate the allows the population to meet the estimated amount that the range can sustain.

At the present time approximately 24,000 horses and burros are held in captivity in government holding facilities. 8400 of these animals,due to a recent amendment signed in December of 2004 have been classified by the government as EXCESS and are ordered to be destroyed in the most humane and economical fashion available. 

The BLM team created scenarios for killing mustangs using barbiturates, gun shots, or captive bolts. Bodies would be disposed of through rendering, burial or incineration. In my opinion none of these come any where near the term humane!

To be considered as EXCESS a wild horse or burro must be over age 10 and have been unsuccessfully adopted 3 times. As a fellow horse owner I can tell you that a horse of age 10 is definitely still in the prime of his or her life with many many more good years ahead!

"We can not save them all. . ..but we can save one at a time with your help"

"SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION" was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the "Excess."

Our Mission is to create public awareness of the wild Mustangs in jeopardy of slaughter.

To protect, maintain and provide humane treatment in a natural environment throughout the lifespan of the wild Mustangs under the care of the "Save the Mustangs Foundation."

To preserve, honour and protect wild Mustangs for our children and future generations to come.

To hire trainers to work with some of the horses and make them available to the qualifying public for purchase, as well as, creating educational programs for the general public.

"Save the Mustangs Foundation" is Canadian based Incorporated Not for Profit Foundation.

  • Currently there are less than 33,000 Mustangs remaining with many herds numbering below population levels needed to restrain inbreeding and sustain the species.

  • Wild horses roam primarily on public land in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico.

  • The BLM plans to reduce the population on public lands to about 20,000, removing at least 11,500 wild horses and burros in 2005. This number is below the minimum necessary to sustain healthy populations, according Dr. Gus Cothran, equine geneticist at the University of Kentucky. The minimum number of horses and burros in each herd management area (HMA) needs to be at least 150 animals, says Cothran; under BLM plans, about 70 percent of the HMAs will have fewer than 100 animals.

  • Numerous experts agree, that at the present rate of decline, and without intervention the Mustang could very well become extinct by the end of this century.


    S. 1579: Restore Our American Mustangs Act (

    S. 1579: Restore Our American Mustangs Act (

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    Good God, Y'All" The Winchester brothers are ready for action and packing heat in the second episode of season 5, airing September 17 at 9pm on the CW

    The Second episode of season 5 is titled Good God Y'All and it promises to be a real exciting episode! I have posted some promo pics and may I just say that the Winchester boys look damn good in shades!!!lol Looks like the boys are armed and ready for battle in this one! This episode also brings back Rufus(from season 3) and Ellen(from season 2). Take a look at the pics and get ready for another awesome episode in what promises to be a totally awesome year!!!

    Sympathy For the Devil-Supernatural Season 5 premiere September 10th at 9 pm on the CW

    Well we have waited all Summer long! We have watched all of season 4 countless times not to mention the other seasons in our anxious anticipation of Season 5! We are only a few weeks away and from all accounts it looks to be a totally awesome season! I am thrilled that they are bringing Meg back albeit a little disappointed that it won't be Nikki Aycox in the role this time. Yes Rachel Miner is taking Nikki's place as the demon we all love to hate Meg Masters!! Here are some pics from the premiere and yes that is the new Meg featured in this episode!


    Season 4 Supernatural Gag Reel

    Well it has been a long Summer and a delightful one!! It has really been refreshing to see the CW is finally starting to give Supernatural the credit it so rightfully deserves. How does the saying go better late than never. Much to my surprise the CW has not only been faithfully showing Supernatural every Thursday throughout the Summer but also for the past several weeks we have been treated to Supernatural double headers. We have actually gotten to see an episode at 8pm as well as 9pm.
    As a result of this it has been extremely fun to tune into the CW on Thursday nights this Summer! All good Supernatural fans know that Season 5 returns September 10th. which is right around the corner.
    If you are a die hard fan looking for something fun to watch in the mean time the wonderful fans at youtube have come through with the Season 4 gag reel. I have posted it here. Enjoy!! Good thing we can only watch and not really experience the action because from the looks of things Jared has had his fair share of gastric episodes this past season!! lol

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    I couldn't help but fall in love with this brave little trooper when I read his story,and I wanted to share it with you! :)

    Short on luck: Meet Koda the miniature horse... who was also born a dwarf

    He is so tiny, visitors often assume he's a stuffed toy.
    Standing at 59cm tall, if Koda the horse wants an equal he has to turn to the vetinary cat for company.
    The 'American miniature' horse - who suffers the double-whammy of being born a dwarf - has had a bout of health problems caused by his size, but he is now recovering and enjoying the life of a pampered pet.
    The cheeky 'American miniature' horse was always meant to be small but at birth vets soon realised he was dinky even for his breed.
    'He was no bigger than a cat,' said his vet Andy Lynch. 'He was diagnosed as a dwarf soon after birth.'

    Koda's condition is rare and Lynch is amazed that he's still alive and kicking at 13-months-old despite a torrent of health problems.
    Brave Koda has had lots of surgery to correct his stumpy, buckled legs but that hasn't helped his peculiar face. His lower jaw juts out and he has bulging eyes, upturned nostrils and a wrinkled nose.
    'He had a punky look, a fuzzy forelock and his mane stuck up like a mohawk,' Dr Lynch said

    Koda's poor health prognosis left Dr Lynch with little doubt he should be put down.
    But veterinary nurse Karen Stephenson, 23, was astounded by the resilience and spirit of the pint-sized pony.
    'I'd never seen a miniature horse and I just thought him amazing,' she said.
    'I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him and thought he deserved a go at some good quality life, so I took him on.'
    Dr Lynch has performed about £5,000 worth of leg surgery on Koda, but his total vet's bill is expected to top £15,000.
    The next step is extensive dentistry to remove protruding adult teeth that won't fit in his little mouth.
    He has recovered well from every operation so far.
    'He's very brave and takes his medicine like a little man,' said Dr Lynch.
    'He's everyone's friend but he's also got a very naughty streak and he'll chew just about anything,' he added.

    Read more:

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    As I have said before I am not a super artistic person so when it comes to coming up with a fun way to promote the show one of my favorite ways is to create JibJab videos of the boys doing various dances. I am sure that almost all my on line friends can attest to the fact that I LOVE to create Supernatural JibJabs!Here is one of my facebook freind's favorites which I lovingly call the Supernatural Ballet!! I bet you never thought you would see Dean Winchester in a tutu!! lol Enjoy!!:)

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    I have always been an outgoing energetic and friendly person. In college I had tons of friends and lots of fun. Once you get out into the real world it is a whole new ball game! You have all the responsibility of a career and then a husband and a family and and bills and the whole nine yards!. It is hard to cultivate and keep friendships because let's face it friendships just like any relationship do not just happen. You have to have a common bond. Something that you both can relate to no matter what age difference there may be between the two of you.I have a great life and I have no complaints, but before Supernatural there was this part of me that longed for the friendships that I had long ago. All my college friends had moved on and we all sort of lost touch. I mean I had lived in 4 different states after graduating so it was pretty hard to keep friendships going, Then along came Supernatural. It was something that my teens and I both not just liked but loved. It was something that transcended the age barrier between us. We had a common bond. Then you throw in the wonderful world of the internet and poof like magic you find out that there are a whole lot of fans out there with that same common bond. Now I am not saying that we are all the same because we are not. Some of us are teens,some are in their 20's some in the 30's and some into the 40's and 50's. We all have different lives and different interests but the one thing that we all have in common is the enthusiasm and love for this show. That bond has created more friendships for me then I can say. It is so darn cool to be able to chat with all my friends about "our show". It doesn't matter if we are from the U.S. or Great Britain or Australia or anywhere else in the world. We all share that common interest. Now don't get me wrong here I am not saying that watching Supernatural is the key to world peace ! lol. What I am saying though is that it ties all of us together and makes us a cohesive group. We all care about each other. Heck what other show have you ever heard of that has its own fan organization not just to promote the show but to unite and raise money for wonderful and important charities like a Dog's Life Rescue! Yes that is a shameless plug for Support Supernatural because we have done so much to raise money for this really worthy cause and rightfully so should be proud of it!.
    We are like all connected. No matter what are age we all enjoy shooting the breeze about our favorite show. We love to chat about the characters and the story lines and the good guys and bad guys so to speak. We get totally caught up in the show in every way. Yes there are those that watch only because Jared and Jensen are too extremely attractive and talented actors but that is not the common tie for most of us. We all really get into the show. I have never been involved with a show or anything else for that matter where I can so easily chat with just about anyone about it and really enjoy the chat. I have so many wonderful friends on line because of this show.
    It may sound trite but I really mean it!. I look forward to chatting with them and discussing plots and everything else we fans love to talk about. I can honestly say that I feel closer to these people than I do to most of the real people in my life. Not including family these are now some of the best friends I have. Some are from England, some from OZ, some from South America, Africa and everywhere else. But wherever they are from we all really like each other and it shows. Sure we may have Sam fans versus Dean fans but that is all part of the wonder of the show. And contrary to what people may think Supernatural is not just a "chick show". I have plenty of friends that are guys that are every bit as passionate about the show as I am!! In this throw away all consuming world it is nice to know that there are still plenty of great people out there.!! Yes we all have our jobs and our families and relationships and worries and stress but when it comes to this show we are able to put all that aside and just enjoy the show and each other! However brief if may be we get to take a little breather from all that is going on in our lives and just enjoy each others company and the love of the show. Now you can take this all for what it is worth to you. I am sure there are going to be those that read this and are like yeah right she is not rowing with both oars in the water! That is certainly your choice! But as sure as I am sitting here typing this I think that the great majority of you that read this are going to agree that we all share a special and wonderful bond and it is one that we all cherish for we all have found new and wonderful friends because of this very special show!


    My greatest adventure was when I went to Chicago in 2008. I went with my mom, and we stayed for four days, in early November. The reason we went was my mom got this "Gold Package", where it allowed me to meet and take pictures with, and get autographs of the actors and actresses of my favorite show, "Supernatural".
    It was a convention where there were many events. You could listen as they talked, and there was a question and answer session, too. One of the best parts, to me, was taking the pictures. I chose to get my pictures with the two lead male actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.
    I also enjoyed spending time with my mother, and goofing around. In fact, one night we were watching the Wizard of Oz on TBS, and oddly, the televisions always come on really loud when you turn them on, no matter how quietly you turn it off, so it was really loud, and we turned it down. I guess we didn't turn it down quite enough because a couple minutes later a worker knocked on our door and told us to turn it down. My mom and I thought this was funny, so after the lady left, we started laughing. We sometimes got room service, and played with the game system they offered. Also, close to our hotel there was a shopping plaza that my mom and I went to a lot. In the plaza was Target, Cold Stone Creamery, a variety of restaurants, and an Office Max. We would just quickly scan through the stores, and then go out to dinner, and return to the hotel for the next event in the convention.
    When I was taking pictures with Jared and Jensen, and getting their autographs, the security pushed you, and all of the people along quickly, so nobody could really have conversations, but they could still talk, and they were awfully nice, too. For the autographs, I got a big collage, and there were about ten different peoples' pictures on it, and each actor, or actress signed their picture.
    The most memorable part of the convention was the panel with Jared and Jensen. They are really funny, and I never stopped laughing. The best part about the panel was that out of all the rows, my mom and I were in the second! It was awesome how close we were to the stage. The audience could get in line and ask a question if they had one for one of the actors. The two could make a joke about anything, and it was hilarious. I didn't go up and ask a question though, because the line was crazy long. Even though, I still enjoyed it a lot.
    That Saturday night, there was an ice cream social. You could have a tasty snack while some of the people from the show came around and sat at your table, so you could talk to them. We met this really cool guy named Dakota, who is an agent to some of the stars on the show. He was nice, cute, and quite the comedian. It was nice, because they were not being rushed to keep going, and you could just talk to them about whatever you wanted. This party went on from eight, until one o'clock in the morning. I remember that one girl traveled all the way from England, and she hadn't slept for a couple of days, and she was dehydrated. She was walking across the room, and she fainted. My mother's friend, Jane, is a doctor, and she went to help. The paramedics had to come because she fainted a second time. It was a crazy night.
    It was depressing to go back home since I had such a wonderful, yet crazy weekend in Chicago. For one weekend I got to meet my television crushes, doing what some people dream of, and now it was time to return home, and go back to school. I would miss Chicago, but maybe I will come back another day!


    My Best Bud Dakota

    My Best Bud Dakota