Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am no artist so fan art is out for me so I was thinking of a way to try to promote our show that would help spread the word. I am sure we all know that google now has a feature called igoogle . The deal with igoogle is that you can personalize your header for your home page. For a long time both at work and at home I have been using the puppy one. So then one day I decided to do a search for Supernatural and could not find any. At the time I was not aware that you can create your own. Well as you know I am an avid fan and was kind of bummed but I go over it. Well last week my daughter Hallie got a concussion. Now you might ask what in the world does that have to do with Supernatural so here is the deal. Hallie is my riding buddy. We own 2 horses and every chance we get we are out there riding our boys on the beautiful Cleveland Metro parks trails. When you get a concussion you have to suspend all physical activity for a few weeks. As a result Hallie could not ride for a while. She felt sad about it, and I felt bad about going without her. So, I decided what the heck I am going to give the boys a week off and let them just enjoy grazing in the pasture and enjoy the view of those sexy mares in the pasture next to them. After all even though they are geldings they are males and we all know how much males enjoy the view of a shapely female. Horses are no different!! It is a guy thing you know? Lol. So, since I had some extra time on my hand I decided to check into igoogle again. Low and behold I actually found a few Supernatural headers. This inspired me to create some more. The more I created I thought to myself this is so cool. See it does not take much to thrill me! Lol. So anyway I created some igoogle headers featuring our wonderful Winchester brothers. I decided to post them here so that you all can have a look and perhaps start using one of the headers on your own computer. I mean seriously on a tough day at work it is pretty darn cool to look up at my screen and see Sam and Dean staring back at me!! Lol
So without further adieu here are all the Supernatural headers on igoogle. The ones that I created either have my name or Dakotamom which is my screen name. You see my quarter horse’s name is Dakota-enough said! Lol

By the way to change your theme you go to igoogle and then click on themes and type in Supernatural and thenyou will see all available. There area few additional that you do not see here that are repeats or not that great of quality.

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My Best Bud Dakota

My Best Bud Dakota