Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have always been an outgoing energetic and friendly person. In college I had tons of friends and lots of fun. Once you get out into the real world it is a whole new ball game! You have all the responsibility of a career and then a husband and a family and and bills and the whole nine yards!. It is hard to cultivate and keep friendships because let's face it friendships just like any relationship do not just happen. You have to have a common bond. Something that you both can relate to no matter what age difference there may be between the two of you.I have a great life and I have no complaints, but before Supernatural there was this part of me that longed for the friendships that I had long ago. All my college friends had moved on and we all sort of lost touch. I mean I had lived in 4 different states after graduating so it was pretty hard to keep friendships going, Then along came Supernatural. It was something that my teens and I both not just liked but loved. It was something that transcended the age barrier between us. We had a common bond. Then you throw in the wonderful world of the internet and poof like magic you find out that there are a whole lot of fans out there with that same common bond. Now I am not saying that we are all the same because we are not. Some of us are teens,some are in their 20's some in the 30's and some into the 40's and 50's. We all have different lives and different interests but the one thing that we all have in common is the enthusiasm and love for this show. That bond has created more friendships for me then I can say. It is so darn cool to be able to chat with all my friends about "our show". It doesn't matter if we are from the U.S. or Great Britain or Australia or anywhere else in the world. We all share that common interest. Now don't get me wrong here I am not saying that watching Supernatural is the key to world peace ! lol. What I am saying though is that it ties all of us together and makes us a cohesive group. We all care about each other. Heck what other show have you ever heard of that has its own fan organization not just to promote the show but to unite and raise money for wonderful and important charities like a Dog's Life Rescue! Yes that is a shameless plug for Support Supernatural because we have done so much to raise money for this really worthy cause and rightfully so should be proud of it!.
We are like all connected. No matter what are age we all enjoy shooting the breeze about our favorite show. We love to chat about the characters and the story lines and the good guys and bad guys so to speak. We get totally caught up in the show in every way. Yes there are those that watch only because Jared and Jensen are too extremely attractive and talented actors but that is not the common tie for most of us. We all really get into the show. I have never been involved with a show or anything else for that matter where I can so easily chat with just about anyone about it and really enjoy the chat. I have so many wonderful friends on line because of this show.
It may sound trite but I really mean it!. I look forward to chatting with them and discussing plots and everything else we fans love to talk about. I can honestly say that I feel closer to these people than I do to most of the real people in my life. Not including family these are now some of the best friends I have. Some are from England, some from OZ, some from South America, Africa and everywhere else. But wherever they are from we all really like each other and it shows. Sure we may have Sam fans versus Dean fans but that is all part of the wonder of the show. And contrary to what people may think Supernatural is not just a "chick show". I have plenty of friends that are guys that are every bit as passionate about the show as I am!! In this throw away all consuming world it is nice to know that there are still plenty of great people out there.!! Yes we all have our jobs and our families and relationships and worries and stress but when it comes to this show we are able to put all that aside and just enjoy the show and each other! However brief if may be we get to take a little breather from all that is going on in our lives and just enjoy each others company and the love of the show. Now you can take this all for what it is worth to you. I am sure there are going to be those that read this and are like yeah right she is not rowing with both oars in the water! That is certainly your choice! But as sure as I am sitting here typing this I think that the great majority of you that read this are going to agree that we all share a special and wonderful bond and it is one that we all cherish for we all have found new and wonderful friends because of this very special show!

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