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"SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION" was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses and Burros in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the "Excess."

Wild Mustangs and burros have roamed free across the nation for hundreds of years until it was dictated by law that these beautiful and majestice animals that symbolize our American freedom be protected against people trying to harm them and subjecting them to inhumane treatment.

Over the course of time these wild horses and burros have become restricted by law supposedly to preserve the country side and so they have been place on assigned acreage by the Government. Due to many circumstances a lot of which are man made constraints the land is no longer able to sustain the volume of horses and burros that it once was able to.

Approximately 34,000 horses and burros are still roaming free on public land with a number of them approx.5600 still to be removed to meet the government mandate the allows the population to meet the estimated amount that the range can sustain.

At the present time approximately 24,000 horses and burros are held in captivity in government holding facilities. 8400 of these animals,due to a recent amendment signed in December of 2004 have been classified by the government as EXCESS and are ordered to be destroyed in the most humane and economical fashion available. 

The BLM team created scenarios for killing mustangs using barbiturates, gun shots, or captive bolts. Bodies would be disposed of through rendering, burial or incineration. In my opinion none of these come any where near the term humane!

To be considered as EXCESS a wild horse or burro must be over age 10 and have been unsuccessfully adopted 3 times. As a fellow horse owner I can tell you that a horse of age 10 is definitely still in the prime of his or her life with many many more good years ahead!

"We can not save them all. . ..but we can save one at a time with your help"

"SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION" was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the "Excess."

Our Mission is to create public awareness of the wild Mustangs in jeopardy of slaughter.

To protect, maintain and provide humane treatment in a natural environment throughout the lifespan of the wild Mustangs under the care of the "Save the Mustangs Foundation."

To preserve, honour and protect wild Mustangs for our children and future generations to come.

To hire trainers to work with some of the horses and make them available to the qualifying public for purchase, as well as, creating educational programs for the general public.

"Save the Mustangs Foundation" is Canadian based Incorporated Not for Profit Foundation.

  • Currently there are less than 33,000 Mustangs remaining with many herds numbering below population levels needed to restrain inbreeding and sustain the species.

  • Wild horses roam primarily on public land in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico.

  • The BLM plans to reduce the population on public lands to about 20,000, removing at least 11,500 wild horses and burros in 2005. This number is below the minimum necessary to sustain healthy populations, according Dr. Gus Cothran, equine geneticist at the University of Kentucky. The minimum number of horses and burros in each herd management area (HMA) needs to be at least 150 animals, says Cothran; under BLM plans, about 70 percent of the HMAs will have fewer than 100 animals.

  • Numerous experts agree, that at the present rate of decline, and without intervention the Mustang could very well become extinct by the end of this century.


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